Jul. 23, 2016

Maybe Trump Will Fix America

By Marc Platt

When Nixon used his "Law & Order" theme in 1968, he actually had a basis (The Alger Hiss, Red Scare Communist Hunter) for being able to scare the mostly-white voting public.
Nixon also had been VP during less-turbulent times (1950's), so he could get away with trying to return the country to better days.
What has Trump done in his entire career to make people think he has their back? Built hotels (that are now empty or out of business), golf courses (that 95% of America can't afford to go to), fronted phony university and assorted other failed scams.
He will lose so bad, you will be amazed at his "Losingness." He will take the US Senate down and also damage the stranglehold the the GOP has on the House of Representatives. State legislatures now have a chance to swing back toward the Democrats, who took their eyes off the when in 2010 the census data shifted. The days of Gerrymandering may be over soon.
In the end, I will thank Donald J. Trump for engineering this course correction of America.
He may well be right when he says "Only I can fix it."