Aug. 13, 2016

Time To Focus On HRC and The Future

By Marc Platt

I have personally taken a lot of heat by taking the stand since last August (2015) that Mr. Trump had no intention of actually doing the job as your next US President. I have written thousands of words explaining that is has all been a sham for his own purposes. Those purposes are known only to him at this point, but I stick with my prognostication and it seems to be true. Most of the world now thinks he is trying to lose.

Maybe we ought to focus on Hillary Rodham Clinton and her likely management style as #45.

Clinton is a workaholic and policy wonk. She gets things done, just ask the many Republican US Senators she worked hand in hand with during her time in the Senate. Ask those same men and women how she helped rebuild New York after 9/11.

She will be able to work with congress. They already like her. Yes they take blowhard stances during election season, but at the end of the day even a right wing zealot like R-Iowa Steve King (one of Trump's biggest establishment supporters) said he could "Work with a President Hillary Clinton." That is saying a lot. Iowa is a state that she may well take in the November election.

As much as I respect President Obama, I am certain the government will function better as a whole with Hillary Clinton. He has been an incredible Chief Executive, but not a good handler of politicians in a personal way. Hillary Clinton is one of the guys. She hangs out with them. She will make deals and they will play ball.

Obama was a political interloper in the mostly-white elitist political beltway. His blackness was always going to be an issue with southerners like Mitch McConnell, who think Obama is snooty and un-deserving of the respect that his office should automatically afford him. This is the main reason I think McConnell is a piece of crap. By not granting President Obama his rightful Supreme Court candidate even a hearing is a national disgrace.

Obama will go down as one of our greatest presidents, but his lack of experience and race made it impossible for political insiders to ever accept him into the club.

Hillary has been there for decades and despite the outward hatred by the right-winged media creature from the Blue Lagoon and the Republican establishment, they know the Clintons will play ball and make deals. This is how the government really works.

We always hear the right complain how Democrats are big spenders, when it is they who get us into these senseless wars and put it on a credit card. Democrats have been pussies for too long when it comes to pointing this fact out. The gloves need to come off and Democrats need to hit them harder on their lack of grace and weak social policies. Hillary Clinton will shame them into doing the right thing.

It is the Democrats who have taken the old Republican playbook of "American Exceptialism" and made it their own this 2016 cycle.

Believe it or not my friends, next January, for the first time since Bill Clinton left office it will return to the old school business as usual. Of course, we will only hear in the media how hated HRC and her family is, but she will restore order politically and they will get shit done.

This Clinton administration will be more progressive than the last one. Bernie and Liz are going to keep close tabs on Madam President. Bill will have to be on his best behavior this time. You will see Chelsea step up and probably take some political post at some point during HRC's administration.

As for Trump, he will go back to doing Comedy Central Celebrity Roasts or whatever else will keep him in the spotlight.

In the end Donald J. Trump did everything possible to get Hillary Clinton elected by his ineptness as a general election candidate...So... A toast to Donald Trump...He DID "Make America Great Again."