Aug. 29, 2016

How Hillary Could REALLY Shake it up

By Marc Platt

If I were Hillary's campaign I would make these changes...

1. I would do weekly press conferences all the way to the election.
2. I would have reporters on her plane until November. Complete transparency.
3. Release all her medical records just like she did her taxes.
4. Release her emails (if possible) and her paid speech transcripts.
I would do all that and not utter a peep about what Trump releases, or doesn't release. The media and the public will do the rest.
HRC could put this election away and go into January with no unanswered questions. She could hit the ground running and start to govern.
Yes I know there will be things that are unpleasant in some of those items, but it will all be out there and she can change a very important narrative of "Non Transparency."
She could turn the "Different Set of Rules" narrative on its ear. We already know that she is an "Establishment Candidate."
I'll take it one step further. When Donald Trump says "She's for amnesty and sanctuary cities," Hillary Clinton should say "Yes Donald you are right. That is exactly what I am for." She can mention how her policy positions have been out there for many months.
When Trump accuses her of something, she can illuminate exactly what he is accusing her of and say what she really means. Trump will NOT KNOW how to deal with her correctly identifying their differences in a debate.