Sep. 1, 2016

Will McCain Lead New Dump Trump Movement?

By Marc Platt
I grabbed this from John McCain's Youtube Ad...I see a VERY interesting strategy about to happen nationwide and McCain will help lead the way: "My opponent, Representative Ann Kirkpatrick, is a good person. But if Hillary Clinton is elected president, Arizona will need a Senator who will act as a check - not a rubber stamp."
The GOP is about to start running away from Trump. This is just the beginning of a tidal wave.
Think about it. Why would moderate Republicans embrace what I call "Political Ebola." Rachel Maddow used a very good analogy of the current GOP on 8/31. She compared this GOP to the defunct Whig Party (Lincoln was originally a Whig). That party was "Nativist" just like the current Trump wing. It is possible that the current GOP could go the way of the Whigs, unless the institutionalists like McConnell, McCain and Graham talk some sense into the rest of the less wacko part of their party.
Paul Ryan seems to lack the political acumen of his predecessor John Boehner. Boehner could be a total hack at times, but he rose through the ranks playing the GOP institution card for decades. He got out at the right time and may be looked back at with something more than the obstructionist label Ryan and McConnell will be left with when history is written.
McCain will surely have a dogfight keeping his senate seat, especially seeing "Minimum Wage" and "Pot Legalization" will be on the Arizona ballots in November. There will be a lot of Democrats coming out of the woodwork to vote for those measures. Will McCain EMBRACE the "Minimum Wage" hike? Trump is against it.
John McCain has EVERY reason to completely dump Trump at this point. I know Arizona is a red state, but it is in play and he must play to his "Maverick" label.
Let us see if his fellow Republicans start to steer clear of The Donald.