Sep. 4, 2016

About Those Emails

By Marc Platt

Tim Kaine simply and correctly explained to Martha Raddatz on ABC's "This Week" (Sunday 9/4/16) the situation about Hillary Clinton's "misuse" of classified emails. He was clear as a bell, but Raddatz just glossed over it. This is what has been happening for over a year.

Let me give it yet another try. I have been saying the same thing for over a year, because I HAVE PAID ATTENTION when she explained it. The American media and public are having a problem understanding what is a very simple explanation.

When emails are sent to someone that "Are not properly marked" as classified, but contain a sentence or a paragraph that "ARE MARKED" within the contents of the email then the receiver is "Mishandling sensitive and classified information."

It still does not excuse HRC for setting up the private server out of "Convenience," or excuse the fact that she was "Careless" with sensitive information.

But I feel it is important to clarify exactly what she did as Secretary of State.

If she were not running for President...NO ONE WOULD GIVE A CRAP.

Does this make sense to you?