Sep. 12, 2016

Why Hillary's "Deplorable Comments Were Brilliant

By Marc Platt
Hillary Clinton's "Deplorable" comments were brilliant...

Let me explain why.

September 26 is two weeks away and when they hit that debate stage, Trump's Xenophobic, racist, sexist campaign will NOW be a big part of that debate. The more Trump & Pence try to make hay out of her comments about "Half" of Trump's supporters being all of those deplorable things, the better the chance Lester Holt will ask a question in which Hillary Clinton can go on the attack. I think this was a brilliant tactic.
Her apology was half-hearted, which tells me this is a set-up and now Trump has taken the bait.
This will be so much fun to watch.
This "Health Problem" will be a 2-3 day story and then it will be back to Presidential warfare.