Sep. 14, 2016

Where is America At Politically?

Commentary by Marc Platt

Trying to make sense of this election cycle is actually not complicated if you look at the big picture.

Everyone is losing their minds because of the "Insurgent" campaigns Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have run. When it all comes out in the wash, America will choose an establishment regular in Hillary Clinton to be the 45th US President, but she and the country are not exactly in the same place anyone would have expected.

The electorate has changed and keeps evolving.

In order to govern effectively, things needed to change politically. Hillary Clinton can work with Republicans much better than Barack Obama, yet she will have to take care of the progressive voters that are going to carefully watch her every move. She needs them and will need them to govern.

Things HAVE changed, yet we will have a President who can hang out with conservative legislators who have demonized her for decades. Hillary Clinton has a very thich skin and learned many lessons in the 1990s when she got her ass kicked during the health care debates of that decade.

Let us all remember that the current Health Care Affordable Care Act was a REPUBLICAN think tank idea, not a Democratic program. Let us all remember that Mitt Romney's Massachusetts version was the model for Obamacare. These are facts.

Will Hillary Clinton catch as much hell as Obama, being the first woman? Maybe, but not likely. Hillary KNOWS how to play the game with her GOP counterparts. They will tone down the divisions on a personal level with her. She can make deals and they will want to deal.

The disdain Republican legislators have exhibited towards our first African American US President has been disgraceful, but that episode is about to end. We have divided politics, but something has to give.

So yes "Insurgency" was the big deal during the campaign, but do you really think the country was ready for a far right wing candidate like Ted Cruz? Scott Walker? or Ben Carson?

Trump makes sense from that stand point.

Was the country really going to stand for another Bush? Jeb Bush was an establishment candidate, but had taken some risky stands during his tenure as Florida governor, including some hanky panky in the 2000 general election giving his brother the US Presidency that year. Our country is likely not too happy with the way that turned out.

So...When it all comes down to it..We get an establishment-type POTUS in 2017 (most likely). She will be battered and bruised, because you don't just give someone a third term without a battle. Hillary Clinton will in no way shape or form be an "Obama Third Term."

Clinton will have her own wars to fight, but will have the fortress of the White House gate to shield her for at least a little while. The rest will be up to her.