Sep. 18, 2016

Election 2016: Selling Crazy

By Marc Platt

You have to learn the landscape if you want to evolve into a winner in any field in 2016.

Donald J. Trump, the alleged billionaire figured out a few nifty realizations right from the start when he peddled his phony "birther" theory about the first elected African American US President.

When that PR professional advised him to listen to right wing radio for a few weeks, that woman didn't realize that Trump already had a long history of associating with wacky conspiracy theories and already knew that terrain. 

What the political world didn't know was how easy it is to lie and keep reiforcing that lie with other lies to the point of almost hypnotically convincing the listener that it was not only credible, but YOU were nuts if you did not believe that lie and all the other lies.

Trump was dodgy with lines like "People are saying" and "I've been told by people who know" and "There's something going on here" AND my favorite "Believe Me."

Mitt Romney was detroyed by his infamous "47%" donor talk because it fed into a narrative that Romney didn't care about "people like me." Trump's entire campaign has been based on the "No one can fix it but me" line of thinking, which is rather hard to digest if you deal in facts.

Facts like he bankrupted four companies and used the bankruptcy rules to benefit himself. He wears that fact like a badge of honor. The US government BAILED HIM OUT at one point.

There is no way we will ever see his tax returns ever. That would ruin him. He is under no legal obligation to show them.

All of this "Policy Talk" and "Political Correctness" are against the nature of his campaign. People who are not interested in the actual policies and are tired of decorum DO NOT PAY ATTENTION after awhile.

Trump is banking on the stupidity and ignorance of the voters who are sick to death of facts and policy. He wants THOSE people to keep it close.

I have noticed every time Trump stays on message and pulls closer in the polls, he panics and then goes rogue on his handlers. He goes on Twitter, off prompter and lays into Clinton in the most innapropriate ways like suggesting her Secret Service team "Lay down your arms" and then she'll see how dangerous it will be for her. 

He completely lies about her 2nd Amendment views and tries to justify what could be termed as a violent threat against Clinton, but does it in a way he doesn't have to take responsibility for his reckless views.

Anyone who criticizes him is a know-nothing "loser."

I will say this for the umpteenth time...This man does not want to be US President. That job would be too tough in reality, but he loves all this attention. I am personally shocked he is still in there.

That debate should be something else September 26th.