Sep. 27, 2016

What Debate #1 Means To This Election

By Marc Platt
Most of America, who were paying attention to this election before the first debate is firmly entrenched in one side or the other. The rest will either sit this one out or vote for a third party.
The first debate was a first chance for the electorate to see these two candidates side by side, face to face and mano a mano..You pick the cliches.
The voters who love Trump will stick with their guy and the Hillary voters will stay with her.
The fact that Hillary exceeded her expectations and Trump fell way short of the very low bar that his campaign set is NOT the point. The point is one candidate really wants the job and the other just wants to WIN the job and not necessarily DO the job.
I would think that being US President is one of the hardest, loneliest jobs on the planet. It will age a person well beyond their real years and is truly thankless for the most part. Sure there is an air of greatness surrounding the office, but the human being who handles all these responsibilities begins their day with whatever crisis their staff puts on that desk and then goes well into the late night hours catching up on the rest of the problems they are responsible for dealing with.
The President then has to go out and smile and comfort the nation almost on a daily basis and set the tone, all the while dealing with a congress who has only their own best interests to protect.
Hillary Clinton is a masochist and is willing to take the heat and be #45. Donald Trump loves to play the strong man big shot who "Can fix it" if we trust him. Man oh man, that just ain't ever gonna happen.
Hillary will never be beloved by this country, but she can govern.
What Debate #1 just showed the world is Hillary Clinton IS establishment and can capably govern. Trump came off as a petty self-serving game-the-system business guy who doesn't pay people he has hired to do jobs, doesn't pay ANY federal taxes because "He is smart." I could go on and on.
I would never want the job, but in the end of this crazy year of "Change" and "Insurgency," we will end up with the ultimate insider and I am damn glad we will get her.