Oct. 10, 2016

Town Hall Debate: Trump Won HIS battle, but Lost War

By Marc Platt

Enough of the Trump tapes. This is not the way to go. He is already down double digits in most polls. Go after him for his ridiculous and absurd racist policy ideas. We already know he is a sexual predator. His base is secure, but Trump is not picking up new voters and that is what HRC should keep attacking. Get the Millennial voters and the white educated white voters in the swing states.

This is headed towards a wave election and a landslide in the electoral college.

I was proud of Hillary Clinton for NOT stooping to his level and just brushing off all the accusations. She spoke to America, not the pundits who need to keep the controversy alive to get ratings.

The bold move was not by Trump, but rather the restraint Hillary Clinton showed when he threw everything at her. She is winning where it matters most, the polls and with the voters already voting.

Trump damaged his reputation forever last night as a commodity amongst the mainstream outlets. What major network will ever give him a show like The Apprentice again? His asshole-ness was brought to a whole new level after Friday's tape came out and then his boorish behavior at the 2nd debate.

This election is over and so is "Network Reality Star" Donald J. Trump.

Trump won HIS battle, but lost the war last night. Just watch...