Oct. 15, 2016

Could There Be Another Trump-Like Monster In Our Future

By Marc Platt
Who would have ever thought we would be where we are right now just a few weeks from a "Change Election?"
This is a cycle that would most-assuredly have gone to the GOP if not for a series of idiotic maneuvers by Reince Priebus and the RNC, as well as the GOP establishment starting back in 2012.
Their own autopsy condemned the Republican's inability to reach out to Latino and other minority voters.
The fact that Donald Trump was able to exploit the inherent inadequacies by going AGAINST that autopsy by railing on Mexicans and other immigrants, as well as Muslims (a religion) and just about every other voting segment in our society except ANGRY WHITE PEOPLE who feel left out.
WARNING: Trump will lose this in a landslide, but does not mean that another Trump-like man or woman won't pop up in 2020 with a nice smile and a gentler demeanor.
We could see someone rise up with the same horrifying policies and backwards thinking, but in a more palatable and younger version of Trump's fear-mongering, race baiting and xenophobic tactics. I fear we are on the verge of a never-going-back-to-decorum style politics after this cycle.
This may be the legacy Donald J. Trump has left America after this brutal cycle ends.