Oct. 26, 2016

And Down The Stretch They Come

By Marc Platt

Listening to pundits criticizing how Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) gives speeches in these last two weeks really shows short-sided thinking. The "Message" HRC surrogates is delivering ALSO contains "Messages" for the down ballot races. Warren is expertly making a case for a Democratic senate and congress, as well as state legislatures. President Obama has done hundreds of ads for local, state and national candidates. HRC and her campaign are doing 40+ fundraisers not for HER campaign, but for these other races. Trump stopped doing any RNC fundraisers a week ago.

So when I hear this bullshit about Mr. Trump and his "Movement" I laugh. It is Hillary Clinton and her army of surrogates who are creating the real movement. The movement away from GOP congressional and state legislative hijacking of women's reproductive policies, religious terrorism (policies), LGBT rights.

Our country really has "MOVED" in a different direction since President Obama took office. Depending on your political leanings, that direction is good or bad.

This election is a mandate for the direction of the country at it appears by the poll numbers, people are pretty happy, despite the partisan yelping.