Nov. 5, 2016

The Trump Coalition

By Marc Platt
"Badges, badges. We don't need no stinkin' badges"
(Mel Brooks 'Blazing Saddles')
I told you I would explain just what has happened to the American political system in simple terms.
It really is quite simple, if you think about it. Hillary Clinton tried to explain it with her "Half of Trump's supporters are deplorable" comment. She nailed it. HALF of his coalition is deplorable. The other half are good people (I assume).
Day one, the table was set when The Donald called Mexicans "rapists" and "bad people" to highlight his assertion that immigrants are to blame for all of our problems.
That sounds like Hitler blaming the Jews in 1933 in Germany. It is no secret that Trump admires dictators. He reads all their biographies and uses elements of their success/failures to gin up his base.
Let me use a sports analogy to try and explain a little more. If female candidate Hillary Clinton were the Chicago Cubs who finally had a chance after 100 years to break through with most of the women and a great part of the country rooting for her to win, this is more understandable. Trump is like the Cleveland Indians and their relatively unknown big bats who crush their opponents. Baseball fans I am not demeaning your teams here. I am making a point about tradition versus strength.
Our tradition is a long list of white men and one black man becoming US President. Now we have a woman knocking on the door. Donald Trump found a way to make this about criminality and a group of disenfranchised voters who he has exploited, knowing full well he didn't even want the job.
Poll watching is a no no. Using the FBI as a politically partisan entity is a big no no and engaging the Russians to get involved in an American election is disgraceful. Let us see if our government cleans up all the corruption after the election.
It really is quite simple, but we never make anything easy in America. Do we?