Nov. 15, 2016

US Politics: Loving a Message, but Hating The Messenger

By Marc Platt

You can say all the right (or left) things and people will love what you are saying, but hate YOU for being the one to say it.

Barack Obama modeled his Affordable Care Act on Romney Care and Republican think tank programs that were developed more than a generation ago. If the GOP had occupied the White House and had both houses in 2009, THEY may have been the ones to enact this legislation.

Romney could have easily campaigned on the issue in 2012. In fact, he likely planned on doing so. The fact that he got that legislation passed in Massachussetts during his tenure as governor leads us to believe that he would have been the one to do the ACA. The GOP hated Obama so much that the fact that he would do anything that could be a political feather in his cap made health care a "No Go" in their minds.

Immigration is a very volatile subject world wide. In Germany, England and France it is a controversial political football. Those governments have a lot of terrorism, as we do in America that makes it easy to blame all the problems of terror on immigrants. That is a naive way of thinking. Some of the right wing politicians who do the "Immigrant Shaming" are reviled by moderate-thinking citizens, but are secretly followed by a great many uneducated people.

In America, Donald Trump screamed the loudest and awoke the sleeping bear electorate in the rural areas of the country who got him over the top in the electoral college that he once tweeted was "a distaster" (November, 2012).

There are a lot of Americans willing to overlook Trump's many moral defects and trumpet his bluster. Politically, it will be very difficult for him to "legislate" his campaign promises like "Lock Her up" refering to his vanquished opponent Hillary Clinton. Right after the election Trump called the Clintons "...good people." (60 Minutes 11/13/16)

There are many people in America on the left and the right who love the prospect of Trump finally fixing our badly desparate infrastructure problems. Trump is a builder who excels at building structures. If he could actually move his Republican elected congress to enact these ideas by fixing roads, bridges and public schools, he would actually have a legacy whenever he does leave office. In this case, they love Trump, the messenger.

One last subject. The far left and the far right are equally responsible for the divided politics in our country. This is not a one way street.

I have been just as guilty as anyone in not listening to the disenfranchised rural Americans who have been left behind. Hillary Clinton missed the boat on this issue and now she is out in the dark, despite winning the popular vote. IN America, the wannabe president must now embrace ALL Americans. That is where we are in 2017 politics.