Nov. 18, 2016

Part 2: Loving a Message, but Hating The Messenger

By Marc Platt

Economic Populism was the magic bean this cycle. The Democrats did not know how to talk about it. Donald J. Trump knew how to do it and exploited 16 other GOP candidates and then won the big enchilada.

Rust Belt Reagan Democrats who have long felt abandoned by both parties voted for Trump this time. It is their gamble and we will see if it bears financial security in depressed areas that have lost factories. The jobs will not be returning, but Trump has an opportunity to get companies to go to these midwest towns and start the process with infrastructure spending. 

Trump will have to wheel and deal with the best-chance GOP-run congress maybe ever. 

Once again, it is the message that won over. "What do you have to lose?" Remember when Trump would declare that over and over again? Apparently people were listening to this bloviating rich guy in a baseball cap. 

This message won out. Hillary Clinton took a "We have to protect everything we gained" and Trump had the more-successful "They took it away and I can fix it" attitude and THAT is what depressed people want to hear. They want someone to say "I will take care of you. I know how to do it" and just enough people took that message and ignored every character defect this man has to pin all their hopes and dreams on these promises.

For get the "Wall," "Muslim Ban" and "They want your guns" bullshit. Those were the appetizer for the main course..."I will bring your jobs back." THAT my friends won Donald Trump this election. 

When he declared "I build stuff...I know how to do this...I, alone can fix it," he cemented within the long-forgotten underbelly of America who HAVE been forgotten, who HAVE been screwed over by government.

I didn't get it at all, but it dawned on me watching the election returns that politicians are basically businessmen and women whose job is screwing over people to protect their own interests and their consituints.

When a guy like Barack Obama comes along (once in a lifetime) and actually wants to do big things and proceeds to DO some big things, it makes the elected folk a little uneasy. He did the big things by ramming stuff through without their help.

This brings me to Ohio Representative Tim Ryan (Ohio) who is trying to take the Democratic caucus away from 76-year-old Nancy Pelosi. Ryan is and has always been a Democratic Polulist that no one paid attention to...UNTIL NOW. He is a Democrat who will be THE leader of this party at some point. He may not have enough political capitol to wrest the party away from her now, but you should keep an eye on this guy.

Tim Ryan may be the guy in 4 years the Democrats run in the top spot.