Dec. 21, 2016

Trump=Interesting v Hillary=Boring

By Marc Platt

I just heard Republican Strategist Elise Jordan say that the only real scandals in the Obama administration were Hillary Clinton's scandals, that cost her the election.

I want you to digest this incredibly sophomoric way of thinking. I normally actually think this woman is insightful and thoughtful, but this IS the thinking that Republican politicos display when discussing this election cycle.

Obama has had ZERO scandals. The first and only administration with nada, zilch, zero scandals in an eight-year span. William Henry Harrison had no scandals either. He died one month into his first and only term.

Did you know that the infamous "Comey Letter" was just deemed illegal because of search and seizure issues in obtaining Anthony Weiner's laptop? Did you know that the FBI agent who illegally grabbed that laptop has had his name redacted from the document? And we all know the "Comey Letter" was bogus in that they found nothing, zero, zilch...

There were NO HILLARY scandals. The only thing Hillary Clinton is guilty of is being BORING. She was a boring mainstream Democratic candidate.

You can call Donald Trump everything you want under the sun, but not boring. This man is controversial and we are in for the bumpiest ride you can imagine.