Jan. 6, 2017

GOP Will Re-Brand Affordable Care Act

By Marc Platt

So now Tom Cotton and Paul Ryan are tightening the leash on the ACA Repeal efforts. They are walking it all back saying the GOP must have a replacement in place before removing 30 million people from their health care. Yep...

Let's review...

The Republicans just spent 8 years trying to de-legitimize our first African American US President and demonized him for wanting to help millions of citizens who needed health care, especially after the Republican Economic Crash of 2008. Yes it was THEIR fault. We can argue Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and all the credit default swaps and deregulation of the Bush years until the cows come home...

Obamacare will NOT be repealed. It will be re-branded under the Trumpcare insignia. Yes they will vote and repeal it officially, but that don't mean jack shit folks.

Politics is a nasty business. When you take things away from people, especially something like health care that should be a right, not a priviledge people notice WHO is responsible.

Trump will do everything in his nature to NOT be the guy who took stuff away from hard-working Americans, even if only for his own vanity.

We are screwed in so many OTHER ways. Health care will not be one of those IMO.