Jan. 10, 2017

Jared and Ivanka are Now Running The Show

By Marc Platt
Starting Tuesday Senate Confirmations begin with many controversial (Jeff Sessions, Rex Tillerson) posts being "Advised & Consented" on by a GOP-led US Senate.
Look guys. Let Trump hang himself with these God-Awful picks. Mitch McConnell's wife is going to be a part of this dreadful administration, so he will never be of any help.
They have NO PLAN to replace the ACA. Trump really doesn't want to tinker with entitlement programs.
The 2nd most important person in Washington will be Jared K. He is married to Ivanka Trump, a very liberal woman caught in a surreal trap of her father about to become a Republican President.
Jared will always be the last guy in the room. NO decisions will be made without him being on board. Jared takes his orders from Ivanka. This is going to be fascinating to watch.
David Cay Johnston, the fine economic writer really framed this "Watch his actions, not his words." David has been covering The Donald for decades. He knows this guy inside out. Trump will often say one thing and do the opposite and then spin it.
I have learned to ignore ALL of the Trump surrogates. They don't know jack shit. Jared and Ivanka are the ones to watch. Trump has put a bunch of insane ideologues in cabinet positions, but they will now serve at the pleasure of the Trump's.
So enjoy the spectacle and watch as a bunch of creeps get confirmed, who will be powerless now that Jared and Ivanka are running the show. Yes, Steve Bannon will get some ink and have a say, but the final decisions will be made by the Trump Troika. Take that to the bank.