Jan. 13, 2017

Connecting The Trump-Putin Dots

By Marc Platt

It really isn't that complicated if you want to connect the dots to explain why Donald Trump won the election and why he is so in love with President Putin.

Question: What does Donald Trump love the most?
Answer: Attention, power and money (not necessarily in that order)

Running for President gave the man all the attention he could handle. I firmly believe he did not expect to actually win. He figured it out early that Twitter was his way of communicating to the "Deplorables" he needed to win over to even have a viable candidacy. Trump stitched together a coalition of angry white voters in rural and even rust belt areas that the Democrats foolishly believed were a lock for Hillary.

Trump correctly thought that he could make money from the election cycle when he lost. He hit the jackpot when he won the election, because he stands to make hundreds of billions of dollars from Russia.

His pick for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was stymied by the Obama administration and congress when the US sanctions on Russia prohibited Exxon from drilling for oil in Russia. These sanctions have cost Exxon $500 billion. Putin and Tillerson have patiently been waiting for these sanctions to be lifted so the big bucks will start rolling in. PLease keep in mind Exxon and the Russian-owned Rosneft Oil Company are partners. Wouldn't Donald Trump and his family stand to benefit monetarily at some point once these sanctions are lifted?

Who better for Putin than Mr. Tillerson to cut through the red tape. THIS is why Russia helped Trump win this election. It is all about money. The media keeps running around in circles asking WHY? WHY? WHY?


This has always been about money.

Trump's National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn has had an open line with the Russian Ambassador.

It really is not that complicated, but our new President is an expert at diversion. You must always just follow the money and you will always be able to cut through the bullshit.

Putin needs Exxon. He may or may not have the dope on Trump. It doesn't matter. Once the Republicans take over all aspects of governance, the money will start rolling into the lobbyists and the richest companies on the planet.