Feb. 3, 2017

The Season Of Trump

By Marc Platt
The Democrats have some serious issues to address, concerning how this government will run. Trump is not the brightest bulb in the pack when it comes to dealing with other human beings. We KNOW this, but that doesn't mean he isn't good what he is good at. Disruption, manipulation and ego-tism.
He WILL get his supreme court nominee through. Chuck Schumer can force Mitch McConnell to go nuclear on the senate rules, OR the GOP can actually do some work and get the Democratic votes then need. If I were Mitch, I would do the work and try to keep the 60-vote threshold.
Schumer could try to deal directly with Trump, but I doubt Trump would buckle on some of his more extreme cabinet picks. The Carl's Jr. guy Andy Puzdner will likely take himself out. We will get stuck with the corrupt HHS pick Price and most likely the dopey Betsy DeVoss will sneak through, due to internal GOP pressure by Mitch and his henchmen.
The Democrats REALLY have ONE choice. Take it directly to the people. An all out assault on the streets of America by the citizens and the elected officials like Corey Booker, Warren and Bernie. These are the real leaders of the Democratic Party. There are a few rising stars like Boston mayor Marty Walsh, Ohio Rep Tim Ryan and possibly Kamala Harris who would make their voices heard.
Bottom line is we are in the "Season Of Trump" and they will run the show into the ground, or some folks will come around. It is fascinating to watch him govern by Twitter, but there are a lot of nervous citizens whose future depends on clear-headed thinking by some of our elected officials.