Feb. 20, 2017

Trump: The United State's Biggest Gambler

By Marc Platt
I know about gambling. I spent many losing years at the racetrack.

Donald J. Trump is a gambler.
He is in debt.
He is our US President, but maybe not for long.
Here are a few of the ways he is gambling with our well being for his own personal gain.
1. He sure could use some Russian money if Exxon is able to drill in Russia with its partner Rosneft (The Russian-own oil company). Russ Tillerson would be able to negotiate a deal with Putin to lift the sanctions that is keeping that from happening.
1a. If Trump were to broker a deal with Putin for peace between Russia and the Ukraine, the door would open up for those sanctions to be lifted.
That is gambling. Trump is gambling that he can broker a deal that will make him look good and free the pipes for him to get money to ease his massive debts.
2. Trump versus The Media. Politicians need foes. Hillary and all of his primary victims have all been defeated. Trump has picked the Media to be his enemy, so he can rile up his "Trump Base." This makes it easy for him to control news cycles.
2a. These writers will be the ones who write the history of Trump in the end.
This is gambling in that some crackpot could kill or seriously wound one of these members of the media. Trump is gambling with lives of writers and TV media people.