Feb. 26, 2017

Time For Obama To Step Up

By Marc Platt
What makes The Donald so much more dangerous than anyone in the past, including George Wallace, is the fact that while he might not be a racist, bigot, sexist and anti-semite himself...He is letting the lunatics like Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions and Greg Pruitt run the asylum.
The generals are all backtracking from Trump's idiotic proclamations of taking oil from Iraq, using military to round up Mexicans, etc...
These ARE dangerous times and America needs leadership from congress, the media and Barack Obama. Obama is going to step up at some point and make his voice heard before it gets too late.
The former president will have to break with tradition of keeping silent and rallying the people who are on the fence. Obama will be hesitant, but he will eventually step out from the shadows and start spouting off like only he can do.
The country is already divided. We need leadership desperately.