Mar. 16, 2017

The Trump Destruction Mission

By Marc Platt

Can we have a quick review of these first 7 weeks:
1. Inauguration debacle with Trump calling it bigly when Obama crushed him twice in numbers.
2. Trump continued to call his election "One of the biggest." Lost popular vote by 2.8 million.
3. BOTH Muslim bans knocked down by the courts
4. ACA Repeal and replace on deathwatch
5. Mentally-challenged can easily purchase firearms
6. Pipelines going forward with very few new American jobs being added.
7. Rich people will get richer. Poor people are screwed by executive actions and a Tax Plan that will be anacted to please Paul Ryan and rich people and Wall Street.
8. GOP and DEMS not buying that Obama wiretapped Trump before and after election.
9. EVERYONE concerned that our president is being compromised by Putin.
10. The entire cabinet has been put together to "Destroy" the governmental norms, because Trump is being advised by Steve Bannon and that young punk Miller.

Other than that, life is rosy.