Apr. 4, 2017

Fox News Needs To Reshuffle

By Marc Platt
Who the hell am I to give Fox News advice? I can barely stand to watch the right wing trolls, but I try to watch when a big story breaks, just to see how they handle it. Whatever credibility they have, could be under question because of sex scandals.
Fox advertisers are jumping off the Bill O'Reilly bandwagon like rats off a ship. BMW of North America, Untuckit and Constant Contact, Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai said they are out. This is big bucks and you know the phrase from "The Right Stuff," right? "No Bucks, no Buck Rogers."
Remember when Rush Limbaugh started calling law student Sandra Fluke "A Whore," during the birth control-in-college" era of Obamacare? Remember how he lost a ton of advertisers and then credibility? Whatever that means from a guy who calls women "Feminazis."
My point is this...Trump won and now Fox News is NOT the opposition. They are the network covering an administration under fire. When their personnel like former News Chief Roger Ailes and O'Reilly are the people bringing the network down and the Murdocks have to continually have to shell out big bucks to shut women down from suing the network because these guys can't control their sexual impulses, they will gradually slide.
Fox News really should consider becoming more of a center right network and not the far right network of Hannity (a Trump lackey) or O'Reilly, who will cost the Murdocks even more money as women come out of the woodwork with allegations of sexual wrongdoing.
Fox....Get a NEW FACE of your Network. Go more towards the center and let everyone hear fact-based reporting from your point of view. I will then be able to watch you all the time with my other usual programming like CNN and MSNBC.
I really want "Fair and Balanced."