Apr. 6, 2017

Syria Syria Syria

By Marc Platt

I am NOT an expert on the middle east, but I have some "Political Thoughts" on what is happening regarding Syria.

It is all about messaging. Four years ago Barack Obama had to walk a tightrope when Bahir Al Assad did that major gassing of his people, signaling he was going to start military strikes.

That led to John Kerry's arrangement to remove chemical weapons diplomatically. There were no more outbursts of chemical weapons for the remainder of Obama's tenure. Obama played diplomatic chess and won the battle, but lost the war, as he was criticised for the MESSAGING of air strikes, but the diplomatic resolution that the Republicans jumped all over him saying he "was weak."

Four years later, it is Syria testing Trump, who (to his credit) agreed with Obama in 2013 Tweeting endlessly that we should not fight Syria's war. "Stay out" of Syria he kept sending that message out. Now the shoe is on Trump's foot.

Obama used the best card trick he had in his deck...FORCE CONGRESS to vote on a resolution of declaring war. They completely ran away from Obama and were quietly relieved when Kerry and Obama cooked up the back-channel deal to remove the chemical weapons from Syria.

The amateurish Trump will likely bomb Syria and his poll numbers will rise from the 34% he is at now. The best news is Mattis, Kelly and McMaster in his cabinet and in the "War Room." These men know how to make war. Congress will be left out.

The tightrope issue is Russia. We cannot kill Russians. This scares the crap out of me. Trump and his generals will have to warn Putin to remove his soldiers from these airstrips and asset sites before embarking on this course.

Hold your breath. It is going to get very dicey in Syria if he bombs them. Innocent people will be killed, just like Yemen.