Apr. 12, 2017

How Did We Get Here With Trump?

By Marc Platt
Here is a timeline of events
1. He likely thought running for President would bolster all of his business dealings and he could get 12% in the polls (this was confirmed by a PR firm he was going to hire in 2015)...
2. He then picked up New Hampshire local Republican operative Corey Lewandowski to "Manage" the campaign. They managed to pick up steam and stage campaign rallies that were able to resonate with the "Silent Majority" of white voters who were disenfranchised throughout the country.
3. Once the nomination was secure and Lewandowski was jettisoned (was arrested for assaulting a reporter), Paul Manafort (a Rebublican and foreign lobbyist with ties to Russia) was brought on board to help stage the RNC in Cleveland. Soon after the convention, Manafort was jettisoned due to reports he was taking foreign (Ukrainian) money under the table and Steve Bannon and KellyAnne Conway are brought in to handle the general election.
4. Bannon, Conway and Jeff Session's speechwriter Stephen Miller go on to run a brilliant general election campaign focusing on the rust belt states and win 306 electoral votes, despite getting outvoted by 2.8 million Americans.
5. Trump is sworn in and Conway, Spicer and Bannon all start to have their "Authority" undermined by a series of missteps and gaffes in the first 100 days.
Two people who are rarely mentioned are the Mercers. This married couple has financed most of this and are the ones who really call the shots. They are not public people, but probably have more influence on Donald J. Trump than anyone.