Apr. 14, 2017

For My Trump Fans...

By Marc Platt

Not a good start for Trump, but I am actually rooting for him to survive the 4 years. He will be crippled by corruption and investigations, but I believe Mike Pence is FAR MORE DANGEROUS and needs to be neutralized.

The first 85 Days have been abysmal...

1. Inauguration Debacle because of Trump's ego regarding numbers in attendance.
2. Both Muslim bans blocked by the courts.
3. Flynn exposed as he spoke to our adversaries the Russians about lifting sanctions. Fired for "Lying" to Pence, who HEADED the transition team. He is a liar also.
4. Sean Spicer and his endless gaffes and half truths.
5. Kellyanne Conway is now a ghost in the White House, surfacing on Fox News once in awhile.
6. Stephen Miller is another obnoxious "Trumpladite" who will likely be jettisoned not long after Bannon.
7. Bannon is the biggest of all the egos in the White House. He was able to sucker Time Magazine into outshining Trump. He has alienated Jared and Ivanka. Bye bye is coming soon.
8. The "Yemen" Debacle in which several collateral civilian casualties were lost along with a Navy Seal. Trump blamed the failed mission on Obama.
9. Trump accused Obama of wiretapping his campaign.
10. Being investigated by FBI for "Criminal and Collusion" involvement in the "Russia-gate" fiasco...

So...I REALLY get tired of reading posts on how "Obama was a pussy" and "Trump is so strong" with his recent actions in Syria and Afghanistan.

I have no doubt that Obama, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and Dubya advised Trump to take both actions. What they wouldn't have advised is to threaten North Korea directly. The "Crazy Fat Kid" could take out Seoul South Korea with one drunken stupor. You don't threaten crazy people. They do crazy shit and YOU Donald will get blamed.