Apr. 17, 2017

The Mother Of All Bozos

By Marc Platt
In October, 1962 John F. Kennedy had to make decisions that would affect the world and the history of the world. He had been in office for twenty months, but had served as a US Senator and US Congressman (of little accomplishment) for 16 years.
He was in a deadly game of chicken with the USSR. The Soviets had missiles placed strategically in Cuba that could decimate the USA in a matter of minutes. This was the real deal. Kennedy shunned his military advisers who urged him to bomb Cuba, a move that would trigger a possible nuclear war with the USSR. Through diplomacy and two clear-thinking responsible leaders, war was avoided and everyone went on with their lives.
Fast forward to 2017...We have a US President who went to a boarding school and wore a uniform. He used to brag that it was like military service. It was nothing like military service. He now has left all military decisions to Generals "Mad Dog" Mattis, Kelly and McMaster.
You tell me if you feel safer as Trump keeps Tweeting that North Korea had "Better Behave" or else AND If "China doesn't" stop this nuclear testing "We will."
Trump is completely unfit to serve as "Commander In Chief" at this point. I'm not saying that he won't grow into the job, but I am saying that his rhetoric is VERY DANGEROUS regarding the "Crazy Fat Kid," as hawk-in-chief John McCain keeps calling the leader of North Korea.
Barack Obama had a solid North Korea policy that worked during his 8-year tenure. He IGNORED the "Crazy Fat Kid" and that seemed to keep him a little less crazy. Trump cannot do that. He has to pipe in on everything and let the generals do all the dirty work. He sends Pence out to make speeches tha inflame the situation even more.
Yes my friends, I am concerned for the 150,000+ Americans who live and work in Seoul South Korea. We have a lot of military personnel there also.
Someone needs to sit Bozo the Trump down and educate him on the true danger that awaits the world if he doesn't stop before there is no turning back.