May. 1, 2017

Trump: He is NOT That Smart

By Marc Platt
Here are more observations about #45
1. Trump loves to campaign
2. He changes positions in a matter of seconds when giving an interview.
3. Our president does not understand basic concepts of how a bill is made and legislation is passed.
4. Mr. Trump does not know why we had the Civil War, or that Andrew Jackson died 16 years before that conflict even started.
5. He derides the media at rallies and then runs to them to be interviewed. When he is pressed by a journalist, he will literally walk away.
6. He sells legislation to the public that is completely false and can be proven.
7. He thinks it would be an honor to meet with the fat crazy North Korean dictator. Trump wants to bring these bad actors into a room and make peace for the world, like he was mediating a real estate deal.
8. He has not come close to filling hundreds of government jobs. The chickens will come home to roost when we have a real crisis with no one to fix it because those jobs are "part of the swamp" in Trump's opinion.
9. Many more Trump administration officials will quit or be fired in the first year. It is like playing a baseball game with no outfielders and a weak starting pitcher.
10. Mike Pence is just as dirty as Trump and will be under investigation as long as HE is in this position of VP also.
11. Trump believes an executive order is the same as passing laws. Most of the 31 he has signed are worthless and have been challenged in court.
Does that make sense to you?