May. 8, 2017

Washington Always Wins!

By Marc Platt
The Trump's have no problem peddling influence around the world. The Kushner's are going to find out a hard lesson, just as DJT, Ivanka and the rest of these high-powered grifters in the end.
Trump is unable to get anything done in Washington except roll back the stuff Obama did during his 8 years. Congress can't get anything passed, despite the fact that they own both houses and the White House. Think about it, the Republicans CONTROL everything and yet they can't control ANYTHING.
You would have to think that McConnell and Ryan know what they are dealing with and even this bogus Health Care ramrod job will have a big "Toxic" tatoo on all their foreheads in the midterms.
McConnell is aware that they cannot do any meaningful health care legislation without Democrats help in the US Senate. They will have enough trouble passing a "CR" (Continuing Resolution) to keep the government doors open later this year.
The US Congress is completely hamstrung by their own civil war and internal strife. The voters have to start by electing Jeff Ossoff in the Georgia 6th to replace the corrupt Dr. Tom Price, who now lies for Trump as head of HHS (Health and Human Services).
The people will have to suffer for a few years and then take the House and Senate back and get Trump (or Pence) to deal with them. Chuck Schumer and Nany Pelosi (or her replacement) will have to pick up the pieces at some point. Paul Ryan will have a hard time surviving Trump. He is practically married to the guy politically right now.
The Washington establishment ALWAYS wins. Just watch how all these investigations continue to absorb the administration. McConnell and Ryan will let their members slowly unravel all the corruption that got Trump elected. We will have to overhaul everything (probably for the better).
So I will give Trump credit for succeeding in draining the swamp, but it will be "HIS" swamp that will be drained. Trump truly has been a "Disrupt-or," but not in the way he thought or campaigned.
He truly WILL change Washington DC forever.