May. 17, 2017

This is Where We Are

By Marc Platt

Much of America got hoodwinked this past November. They wanted change and man oh man they've got it now.

Donald J. Trump went to the isolationist/racist/Richard Nixon playbook to get himself elected. He stitched together an electorate that for some strange reason...Worked. I give him props for finding the only possible path to victory.

What is now apparent is his inability to actually DO THE JOB. He has zero ability to analyze and actually govern. The only thing "President" Trump knows how to do is get down in a bunker and use his "Word Salad" skills to deflect his corruption and ineptness as a President. He has little or no knowledge of domestic policy or foreign policy.

He cannot sit still long enough to even understand his "PDBs" (Presidential Daily Briefings). This point was brought home this week when it was disclosed that he passed on "Code Word" and "Classified" information to the Russians (at the behest of Putin himself). Yes..Putin asked Trump to have these guys IN THE OVAL OFFICE. They played Trump in a big way getting him to brag about his ISIS policy (which he may or may not understand).

Trump was able to correctly assess that Nixon's "Silent Majority" was being neglected 45 years later and Lindberg's "America First" isolationist movement of the late 30's was the proper playbook to run during the campaign, but that has little to do with governing in 2017.

Trump will either resign (like Nixon) or go into battle (Like Bill Clinton) and deal with the US Congress who all want to save their own asses.

This is where we are.