Aug. 31, 2017

Where Are We With "President" Trump?

By Marc Platt

Try to wrap your head around the thought that we have a disrupt-or leading our country. This man is willing to provoke a kid who can destroy Japan and South Korea in two minutes.

This week the country saw a focus group of Trump voters who are having serious "Buyers Remorse," making statements like "I never thought," "This man is unstable," "Un professional" and "I don't like what he is doing."
There are THREE (3) MAJOR investigations going on to try and remove him from office and we are in year #1.

He is undoing decades of social programs that help feed and clothe our poorest citizens.

He wants to take our poorest citizens off health care.
He wants immigrants to have the hardest possible path for remaining in America. He wants WHITE people to get jobs before everyone else (his actions speak loudly on this fact).

He has left important State Department and Justice Department positions unfilled, setting America up to fail "Bigly" when certain crisis arise.
I will only mention the Tweeting and boasting of "big crowds" to go along with the apparent out-of-control corruption he is allegedly being accused of. There is a lot of smoke (Trump Tower Moscow), which would mean President Trump WAS dealing with Putin and his banks to get that project made, despite telling America he had "No Dealings" with Russia.
This is the "New Normal" created by Trump and a handful of plotters and voters who made him #45.