Nov. 2, 2017

What Happened Last November?

By Marc Platt
Atty. General Jefferson Sessions is going to put Da Prez in a weird spot. Trump will have to fire him for lying to Congress and then have a free path to firing Mueller.
Congress will then have to rehire Mueller as the outrage sparks action. If Trump were to fire Sessions during the holiday recess, there will be less outrage because members of Congress will be in their home districts.
What will Trump do with Ivanka and Jared? He will jetison them back to New York, but that will not stop the Grand Jury in New York from indicting Kushner for his own business dealings.
They will not get Trump for collusion. They will surround him with all his campaign staff and administration people (just like Nixon in 1973). He will have NO ALLIES. Robert Mercer is already shifting his business dealings around. How long will he stick with Trump?
Looking back on the 2016 campaign, I see so many bear traps I missed. But I give myself a pass, because who in their right mind would think that one of our political parties would allow themselves to be infiltrated by a sworn enemy like Russia? How could I (or anyone) believe that a political campaign would actually team up with a political campaign to destroy the opponent?
It happened. It is being proven. I have always thought that the voting machines and voter rolls were tampered with in precincts that have always been Democratic. When I saw such small Republican margins in Midwest strongholds I was very suspicious. I texted a good friend who knows a lot more about these computer shenanigans than I do.
November 8, 2016 (7:38 pm) Text to my friend:
Me: "Hey something looks funny with these results. Trump is leading in counties in Ohio & PA that NEVER go R?"
Him: "Yep. Something is going on."
Me: "Can they get in the voting machines?"
Him: "LOL. For the last 30 years. It is easy. Voting mach. are so easy to infiltrate. Takes minutes if you know how to get in."
Me: "You can?"
Him: "a 15-year-old hacker can get in. Anyone can mess with a voter roll and a lot of old machines."
I want to believe that you can't fix an election. We are talking about 51 separate elections when you are dealing with a national election. Something smells and always has.
The problems we have will take years to straighten out when it comes to electing our leaders.