Nov. 9, 2017

Happy Anniversary America....

By Marc Platt
I am a day late and many dollars short because our country elected a man who consistently erodes America's influence. One of my favorite movies of all time is Peter Seller's "Being There," a film about an imbecile who mistakenly is hailed a genius because of a series of events that propel him into possibly running for President at the end of the movie.
As we know (Reagan) life does imitate art and actors and reality (Trump) show stars can be elected to the highest (bad pun) office in the land.
The country CAN BE manipulated by people who know how to game the system through tools like social media.
The unfortunate collateral damage could be Japan or South Korea with one stupid Tweet or actually letting OUR imbecile speak on the world stage. OMG...That is actually happening right now.
Also talk about a rigged election. 2016 WAS rigged. That is why we have Mueller and other investigators are plowing through evidence to undue this mess. I personally want to know if they got into the voter rolls and voting machines in some of those swing states.
For now, we get to hold our breath and pray that our "Duly Elected" U.S. President doesn't do something too crazy that will cause the end of the world.