Nov. 21, 2017

What Happens in Alabama, STAYS in Alabama?

By Marc Platt
So here we are. America and Alabama has some big choices and a clear choice to make.
This US Senate race in Alabama is so fascinating on a political science level. When a completely unlikable and vile man like Roy Moore (and Trump, as well) can just keep denying these horrible allegations by credible victims and people will STILL support these "Candidates" we need to examine our society.
I truly believe that Alabama SHOULD decide who their next US Senator will be. That is how representative democracy works. Let the local GOP and Alabama establishment try to explain to America how they can side with a pedophile.
Congress has shown almost zero moral courage, as well as the current administration. If America really is on a course correction and the bad guys will get booted in disgrace, we will have to hit rock bottom. Have we REALLY hit rock bottom? hard to tell.
I think we are headed there. This Mueller investigation will eventually trigger a constitutional crisis. Either Trump will panic and fire Mueller after Mueller indicts Trump's family, or Mueller will surround Trump by sending many people to jail. I don't see any other way this goes down.
This Roy Moore situation is just the continuation of a symptom our horrible electoral process has made possible. Congress can really only shame its members into resigning. There really is no secure check and balance on bad behavior that has been tested since Bob Packwood in the early 1990's. It took 3 years to get him out.
We have had many different instances of bad behavior over the years and now it has bled into how we will survive as a republic. We live in the "Divided States of America" and Donald Trump is supporting his fellow sexual predator. No big surprise there my friends.