Dec. 1, 2017

Michelle Obama 2020: Let Me Make A Case

By Marc Platt

I know Michelle Obama has expressed no interest in ever running for President or any elected office, but that fact doesn't mean that our country doesn't need her to reconsider that view.

I will try to simply state some facts that might help unpack a strong case to have Mrs. Obama reconsider and run in 2020.

We currently have a sitting U.S. President who was "elected" under strange circumstances (Russia Investigation) who had exactly ZERO U.S. Government experience. Our current government is being controlled by one party and is having a hard time getting anything passed through congress.

Our current POTUS defeated a former First Lady who DID have decades of experience in Washington DC.

So here we are 3 years out from the next presidential election with no credible Democratic message or candidate. Before your hair catches on fire and you start screaming how great our current Democratically-elected members of congress are so much better than the GOP members, I will point out that the current president did not come from Congress or s state house.

Michelle Obama knows her way around the Beltway. She was married to a (now popular) ex-president. Her kids are grown up and pretty much out of the house (soon). She HAS a message "When They Go Low...We Go High." That is a positive message that really resonated in every speech she gave. She CAN give a speech. She CAN move a crowd. She DOES care what happens to all Americans. People seem to love her.

The argument gets stronger by the fact that we now have a president who has unraveled a lot of Barack Obama's achievements and she can reinstate most of those policies in what will inevitably be a Democratically-controlled congress in January, 2021.

Ask yourself one big question.

Do you believe Michelle Obama and the United States can actually get more done than the current crop of White House dwellers?

Yes she can.
"Yes We Can"