Jan. 4, 2018

Sobering Political Reality

by Marc Platt

This is not gloating or "I told you so," BUT.....

I wrote a bunch of blogs and posts during the election in 2016 explaining what Steve Bannon has now said in Michael Wolff's book about Trump's motives for running for US President.

I was crucified by many friends, family and people on both ends of the political spectrum. The truth is now slowly, but surely surfacing and is what I thought it was at the time.

I am not smarter than anyone else. I think I use common sense and try to stick to the facts. In early 2015 (I wrote in one piece) Trump met with a PR person who told him he could get to 12% in the GOP polls and improve his brand. He jumped on that and now we are here....

He had a lot of help and a lot of it was not kosher. Everything has stopped functioning properly (strictly partisan) in Washington, except figuring out how we got here. We are here and Robert Mueller is only the first part of the equation. When the congress turns over in November and the Democrats are hauling everyone into what will surely look like the Watergate hearings, the shit will really hit the fan. Will Trump find a way out before that happens?

I repeat...DONALD J. TRUMP NEVER EXPECTED TO WIN. HE DID NOT WANT TO WIN...We are screwed until he is removed. 
That is all.....except...You can go back into my political blogs all the way back to the beginning and read for yourself if you have any interest....