Mar. 17, 2018

Don't Mess With The FBI

By Marc Platt

This is going to get very ugly very soon. FBI agents do NOT like their people attacked and smeared. Sessions & Trump are going to get shellacked when all is said and done. They have no idea what they are doing and who they are messing with here.

Washington ALWAYS wins. The current administration IS the swamp that they promised to drain.

The best thing that ever happened to HRC was NOT Becoming US President. She would have been Politically dead within months because the spineless and witless GOP-run Congress would have had hearing after hearing and likely would have found some (Bad pun) Trumped-Up charges to throw at her.

America is doing a course correction right now. All the bad Ju Ju will be swept out over the next two years. This President will stall for time and continue to divert attention away from Russia and his sexual infidelity issues with these firings and attempted mis-directions. His dwindling base will stick with him and so with the elected GOP officials until he is below the 30% Mendoza Line. When he dips, so will his support in Congress.

The Republicans will never remove him via impeachment. Mueller will have to have so much on him and his family, that he will cut a deal.

That is how I see it. December is the earliest we could see a Trump departure.