Mar. 28, 2018

Trump v Goliath

By Marc Platt
This is where I think we are in this "Russia Gate" situation.
Trump squeaked his way into the White House and the FBI and DOJ was already investigating his organization, campaign and now administration.
Trump has been under served by the legal community, because he has spent his adult life stiffing legal counsel and not following their advise. Now he is up against Goliath (Mueller) who has set a ton of legal traps for the President. That means the STATE ATTORNEYS would easily be able to pick up the ball if Trump tried to fire Mueller.
Please keep in mind that Mueller has a ton of lawyers on this case who know more than anyone (including Trump) about all the wrongdoing Trump's subordinates (including Jared) have done.
The only way I see this playing out would be Mueller offering Trump a deal sometime after the midterms when the house turns over to the Democrats. Trump will have his back to the wall with all the firepower Mueller has.
Trump's business dealings and tax returns have been in Mueller's possession since last May. That was the first thing he was able to get hold of when he was appointed.
The last thing (in my opinion) Congress and the executives in the DOJ would want is lock up a US President, but they certainly will have enough to do that just by the tax returns.
Trump is not a great political chess player and he does not have proper counsel to get him through. Time is not on his side.
He will have to take a deal later this year or risk impeachment by the new Congress in January, 2019.