Apr. 30, 2018

Wolf's Take Down of Sarah Sanders...Not Cool

Michelle Wolf...
By Marc Platt
I have always loved watching The White House Correspondents Dinner. I was working this year and missed it. I am glad I did.
There are some things that should be off limits. Go after the lies. Go after the bad policies. Go after the misuse of office and abuse of power, BUT don't go after someone's looks.
Making jokes about a woman's looks and cultural background is a bozo no no. I don't care how despicable her professional demeanor is. I don't care if she is the biggest liar on the planet (in this case, the second biggest liar). The woman is a wife wife, mother and daughter. Not cool. I give a lot of credit to Sanders staying in the room and taking that horrific amount of vitriol.
Michelle Wolf is a funny comedian and she is now going to have a bigger career, but she peeled a layer of her integrity off to do it. Watching the replay of her take down of Trump was great. Even the jokes about Kellyanne Conway were in decent fun in my opinion. The Chris Christie and Sarah Sanders jokes regarding their looks were not cool.
Michelle Wold did something I never thought possible. She made me feel sorry for Sanders and her husband and children. I will go back to hating Sanders the next time I see her get up on that podium and continue to help destroy a country I care deeply about.
Michelle Wolf was hired to entertain (in good fun). There were a lot of gasps in that room, so I believe she failed in that respect. She did a great job needling Donald J. Trump, but I will most remember her taking down a member of her own gender in a very not fun way last Saturday night.