Jun. 27, 2018

Divided But Not Conquered Yet

By Marc Platt

This is what happens when everything becomes all about hyper-partisan base politics. The hatred that the right spews in ugly ways will ferment just like in 1861 when the southern Democrats decided they had enough and the Civil War commenced.

This country is so divided right now. I hate to see eating establishments and other public places become volatile to these Red-Blue divides.

I am angry about what the elected GOP did in 2016 with the Merritt Garland nomination getting scuttled for partisan reasons. My question to all of you is whether violence will be the answer. Are we going to have rioting in our streets like the late 1960's?

What is it going to take in 2018 American society for a course correction since the illegal (allegedly) taking of the White House by this corrupt administration?

VOTING BLUE is how this will change. Yes, we are damaged, but America is not out for the count. Schumer and his senate senior people MUST grab their nutsacks and fight ANY nomination and grab a few moderate GOP senators to force Trump to nominate a more moderate candidate. They do have a few tools to slow the process down.

Get ready for a Battle Royale in the US Senate. It has to happen. Barack Obama and other Democratic personalities also need to step up and speak out at this point.