Jul. 17, 2018

LIfe After Trump

By Marc Platt

What will it be like for anyone associated with Trump's campaign and administration after he leaves office in disgrace?

We recently saw Sarah Sanders derided and asked to leave an eating establishment in the Virginia area. WE seen Mike Pence booed at public events like "Hamilton." We have NOT seen Sean Spicer out in public, or Reince Priebus since they left the White House.

We have seen Mitch McConnell hounded by protesters in his home state of Kentucky to the point that his lackey wife Elaine Chow had to step in and yell at the protesters.

If you want clues to what the next 20 years will be like for these people, look at Richard Nixon's exile. Gerald Ford was respected, but dismissed by the public in the 1976 election.

Dick Cheney is pretty much restricted to GOP right wing events. George W. Bush rarely ventures outside his Texas ranch. Rumsfeld is a pariah after he was basically called out for his lies getting the USA into Iraq. There were NO weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and history is correctly punishing the liars who got us into that mess.

On the OTHER side of the aisle...Barack Obama is able to freely walk this earth and is admired. Even Hillary Clinton marches in parades on public streets. I'm not saying that America has embraced her or Bill Clinton as much as Obama and Jimmy Carter, who has had a second life helping other people on the planet visibly.

The moral to this story is legacy. In the end, America does know right from wrong and does reward the people in political circles who TRY to make their lives better,

I will leave it up to you to figure out what will become of Trump, his family and all those in his circle for the next generation after he leaves the political stage in tatters.