Sep. 2, 2018

Let’s Explore The Macro View of The World

By Marc Platt

First of all, the most important man in the world is not Donald J. Trump. By focusing on all the damage he has done is a much more micro look at what is really going on in our current dilemma on the world stage.

Remember that key moment in the 2016 Presidential debates when Hillary Clinton and Trump were squaring off about Vladimir Putin? Hillary explained “You’re Putin’s puppet.” Trump fired back “I’m not the puppet. You’re the puppet.” That moment really stands out to me, as does the moment 4 years earlier when President Obama and Mitt Romney had a debate in which Romney declared Russia our “Biggest” enemy and challenge at a time Russia was just gearing up to make their run on the world’s political institutions. Romney was correct in his assessment. Obama played it down and easily went on to win his re-election.

I am in no way suggesting Romney would have made a great US President, but he did and does know the real danger to Democracy around the world…Vladimir Putin.

President Putin has his fingers in every major pie around the world. Everyone is his puppet right now because of the way he has taken his weak limited resources and masterfully played a chess match unlike any other dictator in history. His influence ranges from Asaad, Merkel, Kim Jung Un to Trump. He pulls the strings. He doesn’t like NAFTA, now Trump is bailing on NAFTA.  Putin practically funded BREXIT and not England is in the most unstable economic predicament because with limited resources, Putin funded a disinformation campaign in the United Kingdom that has now left them on the outs with the European Union..

Putin has allied his thinking with Trump on “US Trade Deals” and helped convince Trump to pull out of the NAFTA deal and set up shoddy trade deals with Mexico and Canada. Putin has sabotaged the US relationship with China and basically forced his puppet Trump to bail on the well-thought out Iran Deal.

If you want proof, use your common sense. EVERY one of these issues and events benefits one man and one country the most…Vladimir Putin and Russia. They have a tiny economy, yet they are calling all the shots by meddling in worldwide elections to benefit their own needs. France, Germany, UK, USA, Mexico.

So…While we focus on the “Trump Factor” for the next two years, look at the MACRO big picture. Who really ins and how do we Americans get our country back? THAT my friends is the real question. I purposely wanted to keep this short and sweet without tons of data. I just want us ALL to use our heads and realize it is not just the season of Trump 24/7. It is really the season of Putin all the time until that episode ends on the world stage. Not sure how long that will take. He is pretty great at eliminating his political enemies.