Dec. 6, 2018

Political Optics DO Mean Something

By Marc Platt
America is a country where optics are very important. They way things look are just as important as the way things are.
In 2015 Donald Trump jumped into the GOP race for President, NEVER expecting in a million years he would win. All of a sudden he realized that America LOVES reality TV and he is a master at reality TV. He started disposing of car. eer politicians one by one with his "Reality TV" style.
Anyone could tell that for him it was fun getting all this political attention and making a mockery of the establishment. The PR people he originally hired advised him to listen to a lot of right wing talk radio and follow the lead of these ratings-starved conspiracy theorists and he would shoot up in the polls. The original assessment was 12% in the GOP polls and then he would be able to renew his NBC contract for The Apprentice and re-brand himself as a former Presidential candidate.
A funny thing happened on the way top that outcome...America was becoming unraveled politically at the tail end of Obama's 8-year term. The political correctness and political norms America has always trusted were being challenged by Trump and Bernie Sanders on the left.
There was now breathing room for political thought outside the box. The Democrats put up a woman with a lot of baggage and she did get more votes in the end and likely even more than reported, but we will not know for years what really happened in November, 2016.
On Wednesday December 5th at George H.W. Bush's funeral, the world witnessed that Donald Trump is not a welcomed visitor to The President's Club. The other living presidents and their wives were respectful, but not warm towards the current occupant.
Trump has burned so many bridges in his rise to power, he will have to go it alone. That is by his own choice by demonizing all those ex-presidents and systematically undoing all their political legacies.
The most telling thing Trump recently said to someone in private regarding the national debt was the fact that "He" won't be there to feel the ramifications of what he and his fellow Republicans did to explode the debt and saddle future generations with that debt.
I wonder what the optics will look like at Trump's funeral. They may just show up to make sure he is really dead.