Jan. 2, 2013

MSNBC Blew BIG Fiscal Cliff Opportunity

Yes it was News Years Eve and New Years Day, but MSNBC chose NOT to call the troops back in to cover the biggest political story and crisis that could have crippled the middle class. 

Obama, Biden and the Congress were working around the clock this time but NO Rachel Maddow, NO Ed Schultz, NO Andrea Mitchell, NO Lawrence O'Donnell and NO Chris Matthews. This was shameful to not have the A-Team on the network to explain what the hell was going on.

The good news was Luke Russert, Richard Lui, Chris Jensing WERE there with some of the regular beat reporters.

We also had to endure REPEATS of holiday shows from matthews, Sharpton, O'Donnell and a few "Caught on Camera's" and "Raw Lockup" episodes.

This was very poor programming during a very important political timebomb. You want to have your key players there to explain the significance of the nuances of the deals that were going to affect millions of us middle class citizens.

It surely was only partially "The PLace For Politics" with the "B" Team in there. If congress and the administration can make it back to work for a few days, then surely the stars of the network can show up like their buddies at CNN. Wolf Blitzer was there. Anderson Coopper was there. W\here were you guys?