Jan. 22, 2013

So...What Does Obama Want From Us?

Are we "fired up and ready to go?"

That is what the Obama administration is asking progressives, as the new administraion is starting. Brilliant. There is one thing this president does better than any other in recent memory...Campagning...Barack H. Obama is so adept at getting a crowd fired up at a campaign rally, his people have decided to keep the campaign going indefinitely.

"Organizing For Action" is the new/old organization headed by Obama campaign manager Jim Messina.

Whenever the administration pushes an important piece of legislation OFA will help take up the fight by getting grassroots support from ordinary citizens. There will be rallys with Obama in attendance. They will pressure congress into action. If you are interested in finding out, you can go to the Obama website to find out. The GOP is about to become even more annoyed with the Democrats, as they watch Americans become more involved in government.

"We, the people" have a lot of decisions to make when it comes to gun control, climate change, marriage equality and abortion rights. The states have been trying to take rights away by shuttling legislation through their state legislatures. It is most troubling to see Tennesee and Kansas make it nearly impossible for women to get legal abortions, because there are no facilities because the GOP-run state legislatures have passed legisltion which makes it impossible to operate an abortion clinic.

What can we, the people do?

We have to pick a side and operate politically. This is what divides the country. Roe V. Wade is constantly under pressure based on who is in power. The people must speak and tell their government that it is NOT okay to shut health care facilities down because of politics.

OFA may be a great way for us to get involved. It is so new an idea, but I'd rather put my energy politically torwards moving America more to the left of center than to the right. OFA may be a good way to start. I think I will join.