Jan. 28, 2013

No More Sarah Palin....."Noooooooooooooooo"

Sarah Palin is about to close one door, but a bigger door is sure to open...Do you believe me? Read on brothers and sisters...

There are so many jokes we can make about Sarah Palin NOT being renewed by FoxNews, but I don't want to go there. Palin was a HUGE reason Obama won two straight elections. I want to thank her personally for her assistance. She was well paid in the venture by the Right Wing Fox network and right-wing Americans, who have been willing to pay for "Anything Sarah."

I will miss her. Barack H. Obama will miss her.

Having Palin's continual lunacy for the past five years has been a blessing to progressives. We have loved to hate her for her wonderful sayings like "paling around with terrorists" and "I can see Russia from..." OK, you get the idea.

Her political craziness has made her a millionaire many times over with that Fox contract, book deals and a future full of high-paying speaking engagements forevermore. Her base will never tire of her message. 

Now she can show up on Rush Limbaugh, Hannity (as a guest from the outside), NBC, CBS, CNN & ABC. At some point, she will be sought after by all the networks to give "her side" of the issues that will come up.

We are NOT losing Sarah Palin, we are gaining Sarah Palin with multi-network credibility. There are people who like her a lot. The networks may take a break, but they will come calling.

Oh Sarah please do not take too long to come back to our living rooms. We will be waiting...