Feb. 11, 2013

How We REALLY Treat Our Military Heroes

He goes by the moniker "Shooter."

He fears for his life and the lives of his family, even prepping his wife for the eventuality that Al Qa'ida may enter their home with instructions to kill him and his family.

Shooter (The man who shot Bin Laden) has given this fact and many others to Esquire Magazine writer Phillip Bronstein over several months. Bronstein has said that "Shooter" (who by law must remain nameless) was left uninsured by the military, retiring 36-months before the required 20 years active service. His family's insurance was also canceled upon his retirement.

Talk about a raw deal. This guy more than served his country for 16 years and shot Osama Bin Laden in the head. Our government and the military needs to seriously change with the changing times. They cannot continue to ignore claims by vets and take up to four years to process those claims.

When a soldier is discharged, they should be given a spot at the HEAD OF THE LINE for everything this country has to offer. Our veterans have been treated like 2nd-class citizens since the beginning of time.

It was a pleasure to watch Sgt. Clint Romesha get the Medal of Valor today (2/1/13) by President Obama with such great class and distinction for his efforts in October, 2009. ALL soldiers should be given recognition and basic dignity by our society when they get back. Instead, a lot of fine men and women are looked upon as freaks by society. This is bullshit. It has to stop. There are 820,000 backlog disability cases of Navy Seals waiting to be processed. "It's a nine-month average wait for regular vets to get their disability claim adjudicated," Esquire's Bronstein said. "In this guy's case, his health care that he got, called Tricare from the military, ended the night he left. He gets no pension, none, zero."

"Shooter" is going to buy his own insurance at $486-per-month. Sounds like a raw deal, doesn't it?

Do you think it is an accident that the former LAPD officer and cop-shooter Charles Dorner was in the Navy from 2002-through-2004? He never completed flight school. He went on to have a disputed career as a police officer.

The point I'm making is reassimilating soldiers back into society and getting these heroes preferential treatment when they return. I say BIGTIME AFFIRMATIVE ACTION for military is in order.

Our politicians TALK nicely about these heroes and their service and even complain that they are mistreated but don't REALLY do anything quickly to fix the situation. It should not take days, weeks, months or YEARS to process claims for returning vets. The government needs to immediately shift funding (as has been requested for YEARS) to the organizations responsible for making sure our veterans have at least basic needs met.

Think about it...The man who killed Bin Laden will never be known by name as a hero and his family has NO INSURANCE, they are in danger and he is PISSED OFF. Does this sound like something you REALLY want to see happen in America? You want to know why people snap and go on killing sprees? Hopelessness...the feel "hopeless" and could care less about their future.

Soldiers dream of glory and at least a thank you for their service, instead they have been getting the shaft by the government they are sworn to protect and defend.

Also, many U.S. cities have given returning war vets parades. NOT New York. Obama has repeatedly told those city officials to hold off until the current war is over before we give a major ticker tape parade to deserving vets.

I am barely touching on the many real issues in this blog. I know so little, but it smells bad enough to point out and isn't that what Americans are supposed to do. Look out for our brothers and sisters, ESPECIALLY these brothers and sisters.