Feb. 27, 2013

A Letter From "We The People"

Dear Washington:

"We The People" are counting on you to do the right thing for all of us.

There are a lot of hungry, financially-challenged, work tired, law-abiding, voting, at the end-of-our-rope people out here waiting for you to put aside your own personal best interests for once. Please do your job. Please listen to us when we call, email and tweet you and express our desires in all that polling you pay such close attention to.

You are there to represent "We The People," as the president kept saying at the innauguration on January 21st. 

Well..."We The People" have been trying to tell you that repealing Roe V Wade is a bad idea, repealing the 1965 Voting Rights Act...Not good. Opposing inevitable immigration Reform...No bueno.

"We The People" have been making these messages loud and clear since that first Tuesday in November in 2008. "We The People" were sick to death of George W Bush and his puppetmaster Dick Cheney. We wanted a change we can believe in. We voted for the skinny black dude Barack Obama. He was cool, he was good with "We The People" and not so good with peeps inside the beltway. Obama is terrible at hanging out with Washington insiders. None of you like him at all.

President Obama is no saint. He DID shoot Bin Laden in the face and dump him in the ocean. He has errupted more than a few times at the do nothing congress (mostly House Republicans) for being as Bobby Jindal has said "The Party of Stupid."

Look...The Dems are not anything to write home about. Plenty of Democrats have an "A" Rating with the NRA. 

We really have to do something SOON about election reform and SUPER PACs and lobby money deciding how it will go for "We The People."

Please do something about all these self-made crisis's like "Fiscal Cliffs," "Debt Ceiling Dealines," "Sequesters" and unnecessary weapons of war on our city streets.



"We The People"