Mar. 5, 2013

Why Jeb Bush Will NOT Be The Guy

Jeb Bush was a popular governor in Florida. He left office in 2006, which means in 2016, he will have not held public office in 10 years. That is a long time. 

I always thought he was the SMARTEST of the Bush clan. He may well be, but that is not saying much in light of some recent devepments.

Jeb-ster is now saying that Immigration with a path to citizenship is NOT something he would support. Last summer he said the opposite. He is postioning himself to the right of Marco Rubio, who is currently writing legislation with Democrats to reform immigration WITH a path to ciizenship.

Don't these guys EVER learn? Mitt Romney showed the GOP that the path to the White House does not lead through the Tea Party. The right wingnuts do not offer any White House hopefuls ANY chance for general election success if the candidates have to start spouting right wing policies during the primaries. The American people do not buy those views and values in a general election. There are far too many minorities out of work to make those unpopular views fruitful to a candidate in a general election.

Jeb Bush should have stood his ground and stayed with that more moderate and progressive view.

Bush is married to a Latina and calls his own children "My Little Brown Ones." I am just guessing, but America may take issue with that in 2016, humor aside. 

The Bush family has had a history of gaffes that have hurt their "legacy." Papa Bush with his "read My Lips, No New Taxes" pledge in 1992. "W" had the great "Mission Accomplished" declaration in 2003 a full nine years before the Iraq war finally DID end. Now Jeb has flopped (for now) on his once hopeful and progressive immigration stance.

Jeb Bush is not a player at this point. Rubio and Governor Christie are the guys to fear. I will be curious to see if Christie offsets his NON INVITATION to CPAC this year with news of his own. He should go on ALL the cable news shows that day. It would eat into the Stellar Losers (Romney, Gingrich & Palin) who were invited.